How Your Vehicle Can Become a Money-Making Tool


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We’re used to thinking of our vehicles as handy but expensive. It seems that no matter what we do, they’re always looking for money in one shape or another. There’s a tank of gas, expensive repair, or one of the many other expenses (such as insurance and tax) that must be paid. 

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But what if we told you that your vehicle doesn’t just have to suck your finances dry? That, in fact, you can actually use to make money. It’s possible to make a full-time income from your vehicle, but even a part-time income will make a big difference to the amount of your car-related expenses. Check out some of the ideas below.

Offering Lifts

It seems pretty silly that we’re all driving around in our vehicles by ourselves all the time. Very silly indeed! So why not grab some company, and make some money at the same time? There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can do it on a casual basis, which involves simply carpooling to and from the office and charging whoever’s riding with you a share of the costs. Or you can become an Uber/Lyft driver.

Moving Goods

If you’ve got a larger vehicle, then you have something that many other people need, at least on occasion, and thus you’ve got a money-making machine. If you’re happy to transport other people’s belongings, then you can take a look at Shiply and browse hundreds of jobs. If you were going to make the trip anyway, then this is an excellent way to make some money. 

Local Deliveries 

If you’re not often going further afield, or don’t want to be responsible for transporting high-value goods a long distance, then you could also consider making local deliveries. There will be plenty of local businesses that need drivers but who don’t need to hire a driver of their own. Could you see yourself delivering flowers and other goods? Then give it a try. And then there’s the whole matter of takeaway meals. You normally have to make a lot of deliveries to make this work from a financial standpoint, but if you’ve got a reliable vehicle and an encyclopedic knowledge of your town’s streets, then you’ll be one of the people that succeed. 

Rent Your Vehicle

How often are you driving your vehicle, really? You might find that it’s spending more time sitting outside your home than it’s spending on the roads. At that point, why not look at renting out your vehicle to other people? By the day or week, you can earn a healthy amount of money for doing nothing at all -- you weren’t using your car anyway!

Put It On Your Resume

Finally, you can make money from your vehicle simply by putting it on your resume. It’s one of those skills that most jobs don’t ask for, but which many jobs need. It might just be the piece of information that puts you ahead of someone else, so be sure to jot it down. 


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