7 Ways To Beat Anxiety


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Anxiety is a sense of severe fear or unease that can often be debilitating. It could include social anxiety, OCD, PTSD or a serious phobia. Just as there can be many triggers for anxiety, there can also be many coping mechanisms and forms of treatment. Below are just some of the different ways to beat anxiety. 

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Get more sleep

When we haven’t had enough sleep, we’re often more prone to stress. This can lead to amplified feelings of anxiety. Try to make sure that you’re getting a good amount of sleep each night - ideally more than seven hours. Adopting a healthy sleep schedule could result in lower anxiety levels.

Do some exercise

Exercise is a great stressbuster. It pumps the body full of feelgood endorphins that help to reduce stress hormones. During times when you may need to face your fears, it could be beneficial to do some quick exercise beforehand to help reduce feelings of anxiety. This could involve going for a brisk walk before an exam, a public speaking event or any other situation that may make you feel anxious. 

Control your breathing

Anxiety can often lead to shortness of breath. This can cause some people to hyperventilate (often known as a panic attack). Learning to take slow and deep breaths can help to prevent this and may also help to reduce stress levels so that you’re able to take on the task ahead. You can learn more about anxiety and shortness of breath here at medicalnewstoday.com

Plan ahead

When it comes to anxiety-triggering situations, try to plan ahead as best you can. If you have social anxiety and you have been invited to a party, consider whether you may be able to reduce stress by turning up early rather than turning up when all the guests are already there. If you get anxious about getting lost when travelling to new places, take your time to plan your route in advance and leave early so that you have lots of time. You won’t be able to plan for all situations, but there are situations that can be prepared for. 

Try herbal remedies

There are many herbal remedies that are effective at relieving anxiety. Some people find drinking chamomile tea to be effective. Some people find that CBD products, as found at sites like bloomfarmscbd.com, are able to help relieve anxiety. Others find that the scent of lavender helps to calm them down. You can find various other herbal remedies in your local herbal pharmacy. 

Use distraction techniques

Some people find that they’re able to fight anxiety triggers by developing distraction techniques. These techniques can allow you to shift your attention elsewhere. Focusing on breathing is one of the most common examples. Other distraction techniques could include listening to music, focusing somewhere in the distance or using an object as a comforter. 

Consider counselling

Anxiety can vary in severity. While some people are able to overcome anxiety independently, others may require personalised professional support. A counsellor may be able to help you get to the root of the problem, which may have led you to develop a mental block. 


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