Putting A Pep In Your Step During A Slow January


It is so difficult at this time in our lives to consider getting up and at ‘em when there is nothing to really get up and out of bed for. With the ongoing strain of the pandemic it is easy to find ourselves in a rut at home; but now it is a new year and we have no excuse to care for ourselves and get sh*t done to improve our lives. 

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Today we want to talk about some of the different ways you can put a pep in your step in the morning and allow yourself to feel awake and alert for a healthier day overall. 

Work out first thing 

The first thing you can do is when you are struggling to wake up in the morning as well as stick to a healthier lifestyle is roll out of bed and do a workout. Working out can be a difficult thing to motivate ourselves to do - especially after a festive period that likely left most of us bloated and tired. Working out as soon as you wake up is a great trick for keeping fit and waking you up because it means that your exercise for the day is out of the way early - plus the movement of your body will clear your mind. Roll out of bed and out YouTube on and do a 20-30 minute workout to start your day right. 

Use a refreshing spritz 

One way to get you feeling more alert and awake in the morning is to use a refreshing body spritz to wake you up. There are some amazing body sprays out there that are designed to have an impact on our mind whether it be for happiness, relaxation, or focus; and we should use these to help us throughout the day. You could also make your own using water and a mixture of essential oils such as grapefruit, ginger, and lemon. 

Try an energizing drink 

One easy way to help you get up and at ‘em in the morning is to have a drink of coffee. If you don’t like coffee though, you can try a coffee alternative to help give you that boost of energy for the day ahead. A good cup of Joe is always helpful for waking you up and it will make a huge difference to you during the day. 

Eat a healthy breakfast 

One of the best ways to wake you up and help you focus in the morning is to make an effort to make yourself some breakfast. It is important to have a healthy breakfast every morning to help you be more productive and have more energy. An example of the perfect breakfast would be a toasted bagel topped with roasted tomatoes, lean bacon, avocado, and spinach. Have fun playing around with the perfect healthy breakfast for you and remember that this is the meal that will set your body up for the day. 

Try these tips to help you feel more awake and energetic today and see what a difference it makes to you. 


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