Hormel Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs


Need a little snack that is filling, but not make you feel bloated and guilty the rest of the day? That's where Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs come in. 

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I have been mostly low carb eating for about 3 years now. I say mostly because some days I eat more carbs than others, however overall, I don't eat nearly as much as I use to. The reason for this is just better health and energy overall for me personally. Whatever your reason for wanting to get more protein and less carbs and sugars, I would say that Hormel Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs is a really good snack to fit your needs. 

These bite size puffs come in three flavors, ranch, nacho, and cinnamon and sugar. All three are quite good by themselves, but especially good if you add them to other things. For instance, I like the nacho puffs in some tomato soup, ranch puffs with a little shredded buffalo chicken, and cinnamon and sugar is great to mix up in a morning smoothie or sprinkle on my very occasional yogurt. Each flavor has 16 grams of protein per bag and ingredients are entirely plant based and are gluten free. The protein source comes from soy and carb count on these little bags is from 10-12 grams per serving. As a small warning: they do contain dairy and I feel that's worth noting as a lot of my readers are vegan or cannot have dairy. 

Amazon has a great variety pack so you can try them all and decide which flavor is your favorite. I would say the cinnamon ones are my personal favorite because I tend to crave sweets more often because I made a huge cut in my sugar intake as well when I switched to low carb. So I like the ability to still have something sweet to snack on without going over my desired sugar and carb intake for the day. 

Grab the 12 bag variety pack of Hormel Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs on Amazon


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