The Amazing Benefits Of Lifting Weights For Women

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The idea of weightlifting is definitely a male thing. Some of you can't imagine picking up weights and throwing them around in the gym. In fact, the weights section of your gym is probably a testosterone-filled nightmare! Nevertheless, weightlifting is highly beneficial for everyone - including women. 

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Right away, let's get one of the biggest misconceptions out of the way: lifting weights won't turn you into a massive ball of muscle. You're not going to look as big as a male weightlifter, and that's because women lack the testosterone to produce as much muscle mass. So, if that's your biggest worry, don't waste time thinking about it! 

Instead, focus on these amazing benefits:

Improve your strength

Lifting weights is the best way to improve your overall strength. This can be advantageous when taking into account your daily activities. Simple things like carrying heavy shopping bags or lifting up your child become a lot easier. You feel more independent when you're strong - you don't have to ask someone to lift or carry something for you anymore!

Lose more weight

Weight loss is a common goal for a lot of women, especially after giving birth. Well, lifting weights will help you lose more weight because it builds muscle. Actually, that's not technically correct. You'll probably gain weight, but only because muscle is heavier than fat. Instead, you will lose a lot of body fat, making you look leaner and more toned. Flabby arms will be a thing of the past, and you'll feel more confident in yourself. This happens because, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Therefore, it's easier to get in a caloric deficit to lose body fat!

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Improve your boobs and bum

Everyone has specific bodily areas where they're most self-conscious. However, most women are always concerned with their boobs and bum. Primarily, we want them both to be nice and perky, so we don't look old! Weightlifting will help you with both of these problems! If you perform a dumbbell workout for your chest, you will slowly develop pectoral muscles below your boobs. This won't increase the size of your breasts, but it does help them retain their perkiness and look a lot better. 

The same goes for your bum; hip thrusts and squats are excellent exercises for your butt muscles. Over time, the muscles develop and get firmer, giving you a bigger and rounder behind!

Improve your self-confidence

Ultimately, what do all of these things work towards? That's right, they help you feel more confident. You'll no longer feel self-conscious about the way you look because you feel strong and beautiful. You will also feel more confident about being in a gym environment and lifting weights. Other women start looking up to you and asking what you've been doing to get in such fantastic shape!

The moral of the story is that women should lift weights. Don't be fearful, as it will provide you with long-lasting health and lifestyle benefits. It's worth booking a gym induction or a personal trainer session to get to grips with things beforehand. This ensures you learn how to lift weights with the proper form, avoiding any injuries.


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