Four Ways to Boost Your Mood

If the nights getting longer and the days shorter and colder have put you in a bit of a bad mood, then you might be looking for some new ways to perk up. It can be difficult to stay on top of everything when winter comes so, if you’re feeling SAD, you’re not alone. Read on for some new ways to brighten up your days while we wait to get over the hump of Christmas.

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  1. Meditate

If meditation has always sounded a little… well, hokey to you, then you might feel silly to start with but the rewards can be amazing. If you don’t know where to start then an app like Headspace can really come in handy. They have different courses that will ease you into meditation with some very short, guided sequences. The idea is not to banish all thoughts and immediately feel chilled out and restored, but acknowledge your thoughts are there and start to understand that calmness lies behind all the turmoil of day-to-day life. Give it a go and see if you can find some inner peace.

  1. Exercise

We know, we know. Nobody wants to exercise, especially when it’s dark and cold outside. But there are literally thousands of other options, even if you hate the gym. Depending on your lockdown situation, you might be able to join a sport. Even in the winter, there are indoor spaces you can go to play a sport with a friend or on a team. There are also plenty of alternatives - have you thought about trampolining? Roller skating? Yoga? All these and more are at your fingertips and the internet is a great place to get started. 

  1. Get outside

The benefits of getting outside are absolutely huge. We all know that sunlight can improve your mood, but did you know that daylight can help boost your vitamin D levels even when the weather is overcast? So, it’s always worth going for that walk, even when the weather is miserable. If you can’t summon up the motivation, then find an accountability partner in your local area - a friend you can meet up with and explore nearby parks and walks. This will mean that, even when you aren’t in the mood, there’s someone else there to encourage you to lace up those sneakers. 

  1. Save for something you really want

If you really aren’t a winter person, and even the prospect of Christmas on the horizon, and a potential COVID-19 vaccination in the first half of next year can’t cheer you up, then why not save for something special? There are lots of apps and online tips and tricks that can help you squirrel away some money for something big to splash out on next year. It might be a personal beauty goal, like ethnic rhinoplasty, or a spa weekend, or it could be a big family vacation or a new car. Whatever it is, watching those figures rack up will give you something solid to look forward to for when the winter is finally over. 


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