Feeling Confident In Your Skin After A Baby

 Having a baby is a life experience that can provide so much joy and happiness, but it isn't without its challenges. One challenge that many new mothers agree on is feeling confident in their own skin after having a baby. Having a baby changes your body for 9 months, and even once you have had the baby, your body needs to recover.

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The tips below will help any new mother to feel more confident:

Work On Your Mindset

Start by working on your mindset. So many things go into your mindset. You can start by paying attention to how you speak to yourself in your own mind. It’s also important to pay attention to how you talk about yourself in front of other people. If you speak to and about yourself like a best friend, great! If not, you have some work to do. You’re the only one who has to live with you forever. Be as kind as you can and make your body a nice, positive place to live. 

Take Time For Self Care 

Self care is key, especially after having a baby. Try to find the time for yourself, and ask for help if you need it. Take baths, try to pamper yourself a little, and treat yourself to the time and things that you deserve. You have literally grown a human inside of you and then brought them into the world. You have done something incredible. Make sure you treat yourself like the magical being you are. 

Stay Active

Never ignore your doctor’s recommendation. If they tell you to rest, then rest. You should take it easy for a while. However, when you are able, try to plan walks outside. Walks in the fresh air can make such a big difference to your mindset and help you to feel good about yourself. You don’t need to do strenuous workouts or try to spot reduce anything. If you do want to work out, make sure you actually enjoy it. Focus on building healthy habits! 

See A Professional 

If you’re really struggling with your new body, see a professional. Things like hypnotherapy and CBT might seem crazy, but they can help you to change the way you look at yourself. If you decide to go for a tummy tuck, that’s your choice, but know that this isn't the first step you should take. 

Eat Balanced Meals 

Balanced meals do not have to be salads or rabbit food. You can eat salads if you really like them, but nothing is off limits. Do not cut out any food groups. Continue to eat the foods you like. Just work on the following:

  • Portion sizes. Eat slowly, stop when you’re full, and pay attention to the quantities of food on your plate. You should have protein and vegetables with each meal. 

  • If you need to snack a lot, this could be because your meals just aren't big or satiating enough. Make your meals bigger. 

  • A couple of snacks each day is fine, but balanced meals should fill you up so you don’t feel the need to eat much more. 


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