What Should You Eat At An Indian Restaurant?


 There are some top Indian restaurants in most cities that many people take advantage of when they wish to enjoy an exciting evening with family and friends. After all, Indian restaurants are highly popular because of the fantastic atmosphere they provide as well as the delicious food on offer. Nevertheless, the only problem comes when you have to decide what to eat. 

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At the end of the day, when there are so many different succulent dishes on offer, how are you supposed to decide which one to go for? – Especially if you have never tried the dish in question before? But, don’t worry, as that’s where this blog post comes into play, it gives a greater insight into the options available and thus you can make a decision as to whether you should try them or not.

First and foremost, if you are on a diet then you will obviously want to know which Indian foods boast a lesser calorie so that you can enjoy the dining experience (without having to worry about all the sit ups you are going to have to do the following morning). 

When it comes to selecting what meal to have for your main course you should avoid going for curries which are cream-based and instead seek something like a bhuna dish or a tandoori. Moreover, simply be sensible with the substance of your curry – for example, go for chicken over beef, or prawns over lamb, alternatively you could opt for a vegetable curry which is the healthiest of them all. 

Furthermore, if you are having a starter then you should go for poppadoms – these are highly popular and extremely tasty. There are several low-calorie dips you can have to go with it, such as the cooling and refreshing cucumber dip that is known as raita. 

Moving away from meals suited to those dieting or watching their figure, what about individuals who can’t handle a lot of spice? Indian food is well-known for being very spicy in general. Nevertheless, some people are also known for having more delicate taste buds. Therefore, you will find that a lot of the top Indian restaurants offer milder dishes; some of the most popular examples are chicken tikka masala and chicken korma. You can even make these at home with an instant pot. Easy instant pot recipes found here include delicious curries.

Nevertheless, if you can handle the heat then you should certainly experience one of the hotter Indian dishes when dining out – after all, that’s what the experience is all about, right? You have probably heard of the dish vindaloo, and if you haven’t tried it yet then it is certainly recommended. The spice enriched curry is filled with “Bhut Jolokia” which is widely regarded as the hottest chili pepper there is in the world – so don’t say that you weren’t warned!

All in all, before you visit one of the top Indian restaurants in your area it is certainly worth taking a look at their menu or exploring some of the different popular Indian meals online to get a feel for what is out there and what you’d like. Hopefully, this post will have given you the insight you need in order to make a decision regarding which meal to try next.


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