Rustic Food For Your Wedding

 A pig roast is an exciting new idea for feeding your guests at a wedding reception. More glamorous and visually engaging than the traditional table buffet, the sight of the roasting meat and the delicious smells emanating from the grill will add a touch of excitement and is sure to make yours a wedding to remember!

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If you are attracted by the thought of adding a hog roast to the catering arrangements on the big day, it pays to hunt around for a professional and experienced company to provide the full service, from food preparation to delivery of the equipment; from roasting the meat to serving and clearing away afterward. This way, you can be sure you will be allowed to relax and enjoy your special day, safe in the knowledge that your guests will be served delicious, hot food expertly and without fuss. 

The main ingredient for a hog roast is, of course, the meat. How much you need all depends on how many guests you intend to have. A good catering firm will be able to advise you on this and provide you with fresh, tasty meat, prepared and ready for roasting. 

Some people choose to leave it here – the company you use will deliver everything you need, including the roasting equipment, and will give you detailed instructions on how your hog roast should be cooked. It is then up to you to prepare and serve the meal to your guests throughout the party.

Whether you have invited a huge number of guests or are hosting a more select gathering, there are set menus to suit all kinds of hog roast. Of course, people will come to your party expecting more than just the meat itself – ask your caterer about sauces and bread rolls to accompany the meat. You can go for traditional sauces like BBQ, as well as having some new and exciting sauces for guests to try, like yum yum sauce. For yum yum sauce to make for yourself, there are lots of great recipes online. Most will also provide a range of fresh salads, potatoes, and other side dishes to enhance the meal. 

Finally, don’t forget to ask guests about dietary requirements – vegetarian options and ones that take into account food allergies can usually be added to your order, so there is something for everyone.

Whatever venue you have chosen for your wedding reception, make sure that you have it sufficiently in advance for the catering company to set up their equipment and get the meat onto roast. Depending on the number of people you are intending to feed, cooking the meat can take upwards of eight hours. 

Your caterer will be able to give you advice on what’s needed from their perspective to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

If a pig roast for your wedding appeals to you, why not start looking at what’s on offer? We’re sure it will make your wedding a memorable and happy event.


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