Five Ways Pregnancy Changes Your Body

 Pregnant Woman Sitting on Bathtub

Pregnancy is one of life’s many miracles, but it’s the creation of a new person who can bring a whole host of excitement and love to your life. Pregnancy is wonderful and yet sometimes, the changes that happen to your body can make you feel a bit sluggish and worried, but these are changes that are as a result of the life you’re growing.

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When you see the result of pregnancy on your body, it can be shocking. You would see a doctor if you needed a change of hearing aid batteries and you’d see an optician if you needed an adjustment to your glasses. When you’re pregnant and your teeth are affected, you’d see a dentist. The best thing you learn about your body in pregnancy is that you can get some help and support for all of the changes that are occurring. Some of the changes that you experience will fade over time, so let’s explore some of the things that you can expect.

  • Stretch Marks

Your body is growing a person, so the skin is going to stretch over the nine months you are carrying a child. Stretch marks happen when the layers of skin break, and these begin as purple or red lines and over time, they fade to silver. Unfortunately, despite popular belief, no amount of lotions and potions will stop this from happening, as stretch marks are genetic. You can take Vitamin C to keep your skin elastic, but that’s about it. Look upon these as proof you have grown your baby. Stretch marks may happen on your stomach, breasts and legs and any other part of your body that swells rapidly throughout the pregnancy.

  • Your Feet Grow

Most women don't know this, but most women have an extra shoe size by the end of pregnancy. The extra weight flattens your feet and makes them look longer. Feet also swell in pregnancy and this can prevent you from fitting into your usual shoes. The ligaments relax when you are pregnant, and you will find that they stretch out.

  • Dry Skin

Your skin becomes dry and itchy sometimes in pregnancy, and this leads to flakiness and itching. In some cases, your itchiness is not just down to dry skin, but a medical condition in pregnancy causing itching. Remaining moisturised is so important in pregnancy as your skin changing may not be something you're used to. 

  • Your Breasts Change

You should prepare for your bra size to increase when you are pregnant. Not only will your breasts be getting ready for milk production, you will find that your breasts are sensitive and tender throughout. They do return to normal after you have given birth, and investing a good quality nursing bra is key!

  • Your Teeth May Wobble

We talked about seeing a doctor if you need to replace your hearing aid batteries, but you also have to consider your dental health when you are pregnant. Your immune system takes a hit and you can expect the health of your gums to deteriorate a little. This leads to wobbly teeth, but good oral care throughout pregnancy will prevent any long-lasting issues.


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