September Adore Box Reveal

September Adore Box included a few items that were outside of the beauty category, but that's the great thing about this subscription box. Sometimes you get a few goodies that aren't necessarily beauty products but are still cool nonetheless. 

Samples have been provided for promotional purposes. See my Privacy Policy for full disclosure and more.

There were a few cool items in this month's box, like the notepad, pen, and energy mints. Everything else I gifted to my teenage daughter, which she always looks forward to since she steals my goodies a lot anyway. The energy mints were pretty good. I didn't get jittery with them and they didn't have a bad taste, so I may possibly buy quite a bit more of those. The notepad and pen are super cute and I keep both in my office desk drawer. I don't really use foam applicators, and already have a brush cleaner. I also got a pair of blue light blocking glasses. They are on my office desk as well, but my daughter uses them more than I do when she's doing her schoolwork in the mornings. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses - $19.99
Mushroom Makeup Sponge with Case - $19.99
Silicone Scrubber - $9.99
Cosmo Not Pad - $3.00
Rose Gold Crown Pen - $9.99
Viter Energy Mints (sample size) - $4.99 (for full size tin)

Box total: 67.95

You can get your own Adore Box for as little as $17 + free shipping! 


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