Unboxing August's Adore Box


August's Adore Box arrived and while it wasn't my favorite, it still had some decent items in it.

This is a collaborative post in partnership with Adore Box. 

This month's items were all kind of things I don't really use, but I'll try most things so I gave them a go. The brow stick was just too dark for me compared to my usual one. I ended up having to look up the Maxim Coffee online to see what brew/flavors they were. These weren't too bad. There's already powdered creamer and sugar in each packet and you just add hot water. I'm not much of a coffee drinker unless I really need the caffeine to stay awake. These didn't really seem to have much caffeine in them, at least for me. I really have no use for the bag if I'm being honest, but it is a nice bag. And the two facial masks are rather nice, but I'm not really a fan of the sheet masks. The never seem to fit my face right and they are a mess to deal with. I do, however, still utilize the serums and such that come in the packages, so they were still able to be used. 

Maxim Coffee Samples 

Ardell Pro Brow Micro-Fill Marker - $6.00

Uneed Facial Masks - $5.00

Neoprene Fanny Pack - $15

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