How To Convince Your Partner To Get A Hearing Test


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You know your partner needs a hearing test, but they might be more than a little resistant. 

He might tell you that his hearing is perfectly fine, even though you know he has been having difficulty picking up words.

Your partner might also be afraid of the prospect of a hearing aid. 

And so he might dig his heels in, even though you have noticed the common and lesser-known signs of hearing loss within him.  

Just what are you supposed to do about the problem?

Well, here are a few suggestions we hope you find useful.

#1: Let your partner know annual hearing tests are recommended

Just as eye tests and dental exams are recommended annually, so too are hearing tests. These are the best ways to check for any potential hearing problems, and issues can sometimes be rectified before they get worse. By letting your partner know that hearing tests are recommended for everyone, this might make them feel less resistant about visiting a professional. Of course, if you book an appointment for yourself, this might also encourage your partner to have his ears tested.

#2: Explain your personal frustrations

It could be that your partner's hearing loss is testing your relationship. If you're forever getting cross about the way he mishears what you are saying to him, there are bound to be strains in your marriage. You might get frustrated every time he turns the TV up too, and you might get upset when he fails to hear properly when you're out and about together. If you can let your partner know that his hearing loss is affecting you emotionally, he might be more inclined to get his ears tested for your sake and the sake of your marriage. 

#3: Explain the health risks associated with hearing loss

The obvious health risk is through an accident because if your partner can't hear very well, he might put himself in danger at home or when on the roads. However, there are other health risks associated with hearing loss, and these include high blood pressure, mental health issues, and physical symptoms of stress. So, spell these out to your partner after doing your research. He might then start to understand the severity of hearing loss and take the necessary steps to help himself.

#4: Talk about hearing aids to your partner

It might be that your partner is resistant to wearing a hearing aid, perhaps because of embarrassment or worries about comfort. The practicalities involved might also bother him. However, you can put his mind at rest by explaining these modern hearing aid features. As you can see in the linked article, hearing aids aren't what they used to be, so despite your partner's preconceived notions, you might put his mind at ease. And talk to him about the advantages of wearing one too, not least the fact that he will finally be able to hear clearly again. 

#5: Enlist support

If you have spotted signs of hearing loss in your partner, chances are, other people will have noticed these too. Your children may be as frustrated as you are by their father's inability to hear them correctly, and he might have friends that are getting worried about his welfare. You don't have to carry out an intervention, but you could encourage the other people in his life to share their concerns. When yours isn't the only voice speaking up, he might finally get the point and visit a hearing specialist. 

#6: Let your partner know he's not alone

There might be other people in your life who have struggled with their hearing, so enlist their help if they have done the sensible thing and visited a hearing specialist. They might be able to put your partner's mind at ease if they share their experiences, and this might give him the confidence to seek help. Share with him any information you have found on celebrities with hearing loss too. Your partner might feel better about seeking help if he realizes his favorite sports, music, or film celeb has sought help for their hearing loss. 


Getting your partner the help he needs can be difficult when he is less than willing to accept it. However, try our suggestions, as one of them might give him the push he needs to get a hearing test. If all else fails, contact a hearing specialist. They will understand your concerns, and they might have the tips you need to help you convince your partner to seek help for his hearing. 


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