Positive Steps You Can Take Today To Work Towards a Happier You


If you feel like you could be happier in day to day life, then you might need to make some changes. We all deserve to be happy, but we often do things that make us feel the opposite. For example, we spend time with people who don’t support us, and stay working in jobs we hate. Here, you’ll find some positive steps that will help you to work towards a happier version of yourself. The best thing about these steps? You can take them today! 

  1. Figure Out What’s Holding You Back

Start by figuring out what’s holding you back. You might find this easier to work out by aiming to ‘word vomit’ all of your thoughts onto a page without editing or thinking. You might realize that you really don’t like your job anymore, for example. It’s easier to stay in a job we don’t like and hope that it will change, but this is rarely the case. Now could be the time to take control of your life and make a change. 

  1. Distance Yourself from People Who Make You Feel Bad 

Toxic people are everywhere - everyone can be toxic, even if they are nice at heart. However, if you’re spending time with a person who is inherently toxic and just seems to want to put you down, then you need to distance yourself from them, pronto. They could be a narcissist, a sociopath, or just not a very nice person. Either way, if they are making you feel bad about yourself and you don’t feel supported, steering clear of them is key. 

  1. Give Yourself Peace of Mind By Booking Health Appointments 

Booking your health appointments is a simple thing you can do today that should make you feel better. Looking into dementia & hearing loss can help you to learn about what to look out for, and monitor signs of any changes. 

  1. Find A Way To Help Others

Although putting yourself first is key, finding a way to help others that you genuinely enjoy will no doubt make you happier. Studies have shown that helping others can fill us with a warm fuzzy feeling that is difficult to emulate. Perhaps you could help out a charity, or help the homeless - anything you feel called to do. 

  1. Know What You Want From Life and Work Towards It

Knowing what you want from life can help you to set goals designed to work towards your dreams. Not everybody knows what they want from life, because they haven’t been told to sit and think about it. Some think that they should want to get married and have kids like most people, but this isn't necessary. How do you picture your personal future? Where are you, and who with? What do you want to be doing? Try to do a visualization exercise and go with something that really excites you and makes you feel good. Now, how can you work towards that today? 

How will you work towards a happier you? 


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