Perfect Gifts For Outdoorsy Kids

Whether you want your child to be more outdoorsy or you simply want to encourage them to continue spending as much time as possible outside, buying them gifts to enjoy in the great outdoors will ensure they want to spend more time in the fresh air and sunlight instead of vegetating in the house.

If you need some ideas for outdoorsy gifts, read on for some suggestions:

  1. Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are such an exciting gift for kids - they love using them for hide and seek, in the garden, out on walks - anywhere! You can get some really great models these days, and they don’t have to be that expensive, either. You can let them use them with siblings and friends, but they will love it if you get involved, too. These sorts of toys never go out of style. 

  1. A Camera

A camera could be the perfect gift for kids that seem to be in awe of everything outside. Give them a camera and let them capture it! They could be a budding photographer, but you don’t have to put pressure on them. Just let them take pictures of beautiful things they see on their adventures. Seeing the world from their perspective could be quite enlightening for you too. 

  1. Roller Blades/Skates 

Roller blades or skates could give your child a new, active hobby that helps them to learn some skills and stay fit. Having somewhere to practice will be important, so make sure you can take them to a skate park or an abandoned car park where they can practice. Make sure they know it will take them time before they get used to the skates or blades and that it’s ok to fall over. Just ensure you buy them all of the safety equipment, too! 

  1. A Drone 

Drones can be a great gift - they are like a modern day kite, except they can get some great pictures from way high up, too. Check out places like DrDrone to see if you can find a suitable model for your child. You’ll probably have fun using their drone, too, so be prepared to want one for yourself! This could be a hobby that you both take on together. 

  1. A Trampoline

Buying a trampoline for your garden will likely be one of the most exciting things you do for your kids. You can buy smaller trampolines if you don’t have much room, but if you can afford a slightly bigger one, they could learn to do all kinds of cool tricks. This has the added benefit of ensuring they get some exercise, too! 

  1. A Tent For The Garden

Kids love camping out in the garden, and even just the feeling of sitting out in their own little den and reading or crafting or just playing. A tent, tipi, or den gives them their own secret space that will feel truly magical to them! Maybe you could even look into a treehouse if it’s viable for your garden. 

  1. A Health Tracker For Kids 

Now, you don’t want to make your kids obsess over their weight, or calories burned, or anything like that - teaching them about health is important, but mentioning things like their weight and calories could end up giving them a complex and confusing them. That being said, a tracker made for kids could be a great gift for those with active hobbies. A simple tracker will make sure they are being active enough each day, and that they are getting enough sleep, amongst other things. Again, you don’t want to create an unhealthy obsession, but teaching your kids about the importance of health and wellbeing while they are young can make a huge difference to their health for life. 

  1. A Metal Detector

A metal detector could be a way for your child to find some hidden treasures in the ground - bonus if this is something you enjoy doing, too! You never know what you might find on a big hill or in a field, and this can be an extremely exciting pursuit for them. 

  1. A Telescope 

A telescope could be the perfect gift for children who love to look at the stars and want to learn more about space and the sky. Even if they’ve never mentioned it, this could spark a brand new interest in them. 

Which of these gifts will you be looking at for your kids, and can you come up with ideas of your own? Leave a comment below! 


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