Camp Warner Bros Week 3: Gummy Bear Slime and We Bare Bears: The Movie

Week 3 of Camp Warner Bros paired up a fun gooey and edible gummy bear slime with We Bare Bears: The Movie. 

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Warner Bros Entertainment.

My kids have always loved playing with and making slime. The difference for week 3 of our Camp Warner Bros is that this slime is made with gummy bears and is 100% edible! This camp project does require the help of an adult because you are using the microwave to melt the gummy bears. Admittedly, this project is really messy and the slime may be a bit difficult to get out of your bowls. I seemed to learn this the hard way, but I think you may be okay if you use cooking spray in the bowls before melting the bears and adding the cornstarch/powdered sugar mixture. 

Once you are finished making your gummy bear slime, you can nibble on it while you watch We Bare Bears: The Movie.

About We Bare Bears: The Movie:

We Bare Bears: The Movie follows Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear's love of food trucks and Internet fame, which leads the brothers to unexpected mayhem, where they must go on a wild, hilarious and dangerous adventure to escape a foe that threatens to tear them apart. Watch as Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear catch the attention of the Department of Wildlife Control, and go on a wacky adventure as their world turns upside down, and the Bears are left with no choice but to go on the run!

We Bare Bears: The Movie is available now to own on digital, dvd, and bluray. 


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