Some Lesser Known Signs of Hearing Loss

There are many signs of hearing loss that you might not yet be familiar with. But it’s always a good idea to understand the things to be looking out for, especially if you already have concerns about your hearing. We’re going to cover some of those things now so you can be sure that you’re staying on top of your hearing both in the short-term and the long-term. Here are some of the lesser known signs to look out for.

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Women’s and Children’s Voices Are Less Clear to You Than Men’s

This is something that not everyone realizes. For people experiencing the early stages of hearing loss, it’s much more likely that they’ll have difficulties with hearing what children and women are saying than they will with what men are saying. If it’s something that you’re beginning to notice, it might be something that you should get assistance with.


Tinnitus is a problem that many people deal with and for some it can be manageable. For others, it’s distracting and makes day to day tasks much more difficult. The problem with tinnitus is that there is no known cure for it but there are treatments that can have an impact on the problem and reduce the symptoms you experience. Things such as hearing aid, CBT and white noise devices can all have a positive impact.

Lower Sound Quality

If you notice that you can still hear things but the quality of the sound is a problem, it could be a sign that you’re dealing with the early signs of tinnitus. You should click here to get help if it’s something that you’ve been experiencing lately. It might be experienced as a muffled quality or something similar to that for example. If you notice this issue, it’s time to take action and find the right professional help.

Social Withdrawal

Some people experience social withdrawal and increased isolation when they start experiencing hearing loss. You might not even notice the connection between the hearing problems and the social isolation you’re experiencing, but the link between the two is common. When you can’t hear what people are saying, you tend to withdraw from social situations.

Mental and Cognitive Decline

Mental and cognitive decline are things that are really tough to deal with when you’re going through hearing loss issues. People become withdrawn as we discussed above and this makes it more difficult for them to have the social interaction that’s so important to human beings. When things start to decline, it can lead to physical and mental deterioration and that’s not what anyone wants for themselves or a loved one.

If you want to stay on top of your mental and physical health properly, you need to deal with the signs of hearing loss you might be experiencing. Our hearing is linked to so many other aspects of our health, so you can’t afford to ignore any problems that you have with your hearing. Instead, take action right away.


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