What is in My May Adore Box?

May brought us a Mother's Day box from Adore Box, and all the items were perfect for helping mom relax and pamper herself. 

Samples have been provided for promotional purposes. See my Privacy Policy for full disclosure and more.

The last few months have been stressful for everyone I think, but in my case what made it even more stressful is not being able to visit my mom and grandma. Sure, they are both a phone call and message away, but I really miss them and miss venting to each other. I've been trying a lot of things to relieve stress and I know I have been trying to be a lot better about my beauty and skin care routine during all this as well. You would think that I would have all kinds of time now for that, but not really. Now that the kids are home all the time, between helping with their schoolwork and trying to keep them on task, plus do my online work, and housework is multiplied with everyone being home all day (and now with nice weather there is yard and garden work). So in reality, what I thought would be a great time to do more extensive skin care routines, ended up being a time when I have even less free time for that.

So when this month's box showed up with things that I can incorporate into my beauty routine that don't take a ton of time and can be used while I'm doing other things, I was definitely interested. 

My favorite thing in the box this month was the L'Oreal Hair Sheet Mask. It's basically a shower cap with deep conditioner inside it and you leave it on in the shower (the heat and steam really help) for a few minutes. It makes your hair super soft and silky and also smell so good! I did have some issues with the tape that was supposed to hold the cap on tight. But otherwise it was my favorite item. 

That being said, here's the rundown of the items in the May box:

L'Oreal Paris Hair Sheet Mask - $6.99 
Yes to Cotton Anti-Pollution Oxygenated Facial Mask - $6.00
Sun Bum CocoBalm Moisturizing Lip Balm - $6.99
Bio Aqua Lip Mask - $4.00

Box total: $23.98
Month -to-month subscription price: $15 + free shipping

New subs can get 50% off when they use code: HALFOFF at https://www.adorebox.com


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