The Hottest Leopard Print Shoes for Summer

The warm weather is moving in, and it's time to toss those boots back in the closet and break out the cute, fashionable shoes that match any outfit again. 

This is a collaborative post on behalf of FSJ Shoes. 

Whether you are going to work, going out with friends, or just running errands, your shoes can make your entire outfit. A simple outfit can be styled from day to night by changing your accessories, and shoes are the most noticeable of them all.

Fsjshoes has the hottest trendy styles for the season (including wedding shoes), and I am loving the selection! They feature flats, boots, sandals, and various heels to suit your style and preference.

Leopard print has been in style for years and with good reason - they look great with any style and outfit and can be matched with so many colors in your wardrobe. Fsjshoes has an entire collection of leopard print shoes that I absolutely adore, and I wanted to feature a few of my favorites.

If you are looking for a simple leopard print suitable for the workplace, these flats are a great way to incorporate the print into your work attire. The women's leopard print pointy toe flats fade from a print at the toe to a solid black at the heel. Padded inside for comfort and all day wear, they are made of high grade leather that is both breathable and absorbent. 

If you want something for a night out at a party or club, I really love these leopard print closed toe chunky heels. I love pairing something like this with skinny jeans and a lace crop top or cami and some cute gold earrings. The heel height on these are approximately 5.5 inches making them perfect for short gals like myself. 

My favorite way to wear subtle leopard print while I'm out shopping, at the beach, or at a family cookout is a cute pair of sandals like these leopard print flat toe loop sandals. Flat, with comfortable high grade absorbent and breathable material makes these excellent for warm days walking around or sitting outside. 

If you are looking for a great selection of shoes (not just leopard print), check out Fsjshoes for more. 


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