Five Ways to Organize Your Home With Cricut Joy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cricut Joy is the newest baby in the Cricut family, and with a smaller, lightweight machine, you can craft anywhere! This little machine is portable and perfect for small space crafting. Take it to the kitchen or bathroom to make some labels, transport it to a friend's house for craft night, or use it from any room in your house to make labels, decals, cards, and so much more in 15 minutes or less.

You can personalize anything with one cut and one color making this little baby fun, functional, and incredibly simple to set up and use. It pairs well with Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore, but is a great stand alone machine for beginners or small space crafters. This new machine has the ability to make longer repeated cuts with up to 20' vinyl and you don't even need a mat! Blank card inserts make it even quicker and simpler to create a unique and beautiful card at a moments notice. Cricut Joy compatible pen types and line weights can draw and write in a variety of styles.
Because of the portability and ease of use, the Cricut Joy is fantastic for little projects around the house. We've been labeling just about everything, and have found that being able to take the machine to the kitchen, bathroom, or various other rooms through the house has become our favorite feature so far.

Wifi Password
One fun project to make if you frequently have guests over is a wifi password board. We have a few games for our Nintendo Switch that require everyone to use mobile devices as controllers and that requires connecting to the wifi. So I thought it would be nice to make a cute framed wifi password so friends and family can connect quickly when they visit.

Bathroom/Laundry Labels
I make my own laundry detergent as well as cleaners. So the Cricut Joy made creating labels for those items simple and quick. I even made some fun decals to go on the front of my washer and dryer to kind of vamp up both since they are a bit older and have seen better days.

Garden Markers
Prior to the Cricut Joy, we always just wrote garden markers on a plastic knife and stuck them in with each plant. The Cricut Joy upped our garden game by allowing us to use a premade label design I found in Cricut Design Space along with the Cricut Joy pen and Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Vinyl.

Craft Supplies
Organizing craft supplies has truly never been easier with the Cricut Joy. No matter how big or small your work space is, the Cricut Joy can create beautiful labels to help keep your vinyl, paper, pens, and whatever else a little more organized. I have been working on building a work space in a small corner of my foyer, and while it's still a work in progress, the Cricut Joy Removable Smart Vinyl worked perfectly for this. Because it's removable, if I decide to change some things around, the vinyl can easily be scraped off and a new label can be made. Since I will more than likely be moving things around as I purchase more storage and craft supplies, removable vinyl was the way to go.

Kitchen and Pantry Organization
I think a big no brainer when it comes to organizing a lot of times is the kitchen and pantry. This is especially true if you have kids. Design Space has so many ready made labels as well as completely customizable label images for your kitchen and pantry in any style you want. I don't know about you, but things like sugar, pasta, flour, dried beans and such look more clean and organized in containers with labels than shoved in my pantry in their original packaging. It also helps keep them from spilling everywhere. I even used the Cricut Joy to make more decorative labels for where I keep my spoons, knives, and even my dish soap!
Creating and printing labels using Design Space and Cricut Joy take little time and not only look great, but are really functional.


To make these easy decorative labels I used on my spoon holder and dish soap dispenser, I went into Design Space and there are a number of ways you can find labels. Cricut Joy has a number of ready made smart labels, but you can also choose ready made labels under the Maker and Explore categories as well as start with a blank canvas and search images for specific labels that way. Just make sure that if you search under Maker or Explore projects, that you switch your machine back to the Cricut Joy before hitting the "Make" button. I'll show you a bit more in depth in the video below.

Once you have chosen the label design you want, you can make any edits you need and hit the "Make" button to see how everything will look laid out on the vinyl. Remember that with Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl, the mat is completely optional! If everything looks okay, and you move to the next step to cut, Design Space will ask you to load your material into the machine. This is different from the Maker and Explore as there's no button to load your material. It's all done via a sensor and will load it in manually once you start to feed the material into the machine.

Once you are loaded in and give the okay to start cutting, your Cricut Joy will go to town cutting out your labels.

Once your labels are done cutting, you can start weeding the excess vinyl. I use scissors to cut out the design and then stick it to my mat. I want to reiterate that mats for Smart Vinyl are completely optional. I personally like to use one when I do my weeding, just to keep things from moving around on me, but you can tape it down too if that's easier for you. Using my weeding tool, I remove the excess vinyl, and then put my transfer tape over the design making sure to go over it very well with my scraper. I really prefer Strong Grip Transfer Tape, because I've found that with the thicker backing (made specially to eliminate the need for a mat), it can be a little more difficult to remove the backing from the decal and keep it stuck to the transfer tape. This seems especially true with removable vinyl. So that's just a good tip overall.

Once transfer tape is applied, you can begin to slowly remove the backing. I forgot to "attach" my labels before cutting so they were separate rather than together in the design, but that was no big deal. Make sure your surface you wish to apply the label to is clean and dry.

Applying to my surface was a bit tricky because the container that holds my spoons isn't really a flat surface. You can play around with this a bit. I'm still trying to get the hang of applying vinyl on curved surfaces. It's really trial and error I think. Hey! We're learning together!

Once you get it all centered and where you want it, use the scrapper to make sure it's all smoothed down and stuck to the surface, then you can start to slowly peel away the transfer tape. Another super tip I have is to restick the backing to your transfer tape. It can be reused quite a few times before it loses it's "stick" and it saves so much money. I ended up using the same transfer tape for all the items I labeled all over the house on this particular day.

This project was made simple by the fact that I could take my Cricut Joy out to the kitchen with me and sit it on the counter top while I made everything. I have a very small kitchen that doesn't allow room for much extras, but the small size and lighter weight of the Cricut Joy worked out great for portability overall. The best part about the portability is that I can take it to my mom's house and help her organize her home with it as well! Cricut Joy is the perfect companion machine to your Maker or Explore because it focuses on smaller projects. Meaning, you can use it to make great cards with the Cricut Joy Card inserts and set up your other machine to cut more embellishments.

Learn more about Cricut Joy, which is now available to purchase online and in-store, at


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