10 Gifts Under $25 For Your Child

The need to save money in the current economic climate is as important as ever. Nevertheless, our little ones should not have to suffer! This article will reveal the top ten toys which cost less than ten pounds.

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1)    Le Toy Van Petits Fours

Play food and play toys are extremely popular amongst children. Your little girl is assured to love this cake set. The set features two cupcakes that have white icing on the top and are finished off with a strawberry. The final cake is a mixed sponge cake which has cream on the top and is finished off with a cherry.

2)    Budkins Fire Fighters Gift Pack

This is the perfect gift for any little boy who sees himself as the next Fireman Sam. The gift features three hand-crafted fireman all kitted out in their full uniform.

3)    Little People Wheelies – Purple Jeep

Who said girls can’t play with cars too? This purple jeep comes complete with its own girl driver sitting in the vehicle and ready to have some fast fun!

4)    Le Toy Van London Car Set

This is the ultimate car set; featuring all vehicles that you would expect to see on the roads in London. The set features a red double decker bus, a mini cooper with the union jack flag, a black cab, a fire engine, a standard orange taxi, a police van and an ambulance. 

5)    10cm Amphibian Figure

As of late there has been a craze for all things alien and supernatural. Thus this alien figure is assured to be a toy which will take centre stage in any house hold. It comes complete with a clear mini disc that can be used in conjunction with a sister toy.

6)    Dragon Ball Figure

If your little one is a fan of Dragon Ball, you can find figures for less than $25 on the web. Check out Dragon Ball z figures web offers to make your money go further. Not only are these great gifts but excellent collectibles too.

7)    Pop-Up Surprise Ball

This pink and yellow surprise ball is assured to provide any little girl with endless hours of fun. The toy acts as a ball as well as peek-a-boo puppy pop up. 

8)    National Geographic Alarm

This is one way to get your child up in the mornings, they’ll never complain about their alarm clock again after they have built it themselves! 

9)    Blast Lab Messy Mess
If making stink bombs and slime is something which would appeal to your child then this is just the set for them! I wonder who will be left to clear up the mess…

10)    Barbie Fairy Doll Assortment

If you want a toy which is assured to be a hit with your little girl then there is no better option to go for then a Barbie doll. 


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