Zo Zo Zombie Animated Series

Are you ready for a laugh out loud comedy full of gags, slapstick humor, and good natured gross outs that both boys and girls will love? Then you'll want to check out the new animated web series, Zo Zo Zombie!

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We were sent the coolest promo box to help the kids (and admittedly myself) get excited for the new web series, Zo Zo Zombie, now airing on Youtube

Zo Zo is a friendly, boy scout-ish kid zombie who is always out trying to help the underdog. Each episode has Zo Zo on a self contained adventure where he usually ends up getting in some type of trouble and loses a limb while trying to do his best to help along side his best friend, Isamu. It's a laugh out loud animated comedy with episodes rolling out all year long. 

We did a fun unboxing of our promo box on Instagram, but if you missed that, here's a peek at what we got in our totally awesome Zo Zo Zombie box! 

They sent all things zombie related and my son really enjoyed unboxing everything and eating his zombie treats while watching Zo Zo Zombie. They sent a flash drive with a preview of the series which was really cool. 

He used the blood gel on his gummy body parts and gumball eyeballs. 

We really love the series so far. They upload a new episode each week and my kids love checking to see what the new episode is about. There are a lot of gross jokes, which is expected since it's a kid Zombie, but they aren't too bad. It's typical kid humor. For instance, in the first episode Zo Zo an his best friend are looking for a fight club and accidentally walk in on a fart club instead. My kids thought it was hysterical, and I chuckled a bit to be honest. My son is already familiar with Zo Zo Zombie as he owns a few of the comics that the series is based on, so he was already a fan. The episodes are short but the kids love them. You can check out a short clip of the series in my video below. 

Be sure to check out Zo Zo Zombie on Youtube and Crunchy Roll! 


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