Earn Badges While Learning (All Ages)

Learning something new becomes a lot more fun when you can earn and collect badges. Quest Clubs is a badge based educational program that can be used by clubs, scouts, schools, and more. It also happens to be an all ages program from child to adult! 

With more than 1,000 badges to collect in multiple subjects, it's a really fun way to learn something new. Quest Clubs is an award winning program ranked in the top 100 educational sites in 4 categories: Special Needs, S.T.E.A.M/Science, Multiple Subjects, and Electives and Foreign Languages. 

Areas of Discovery

Quest Club is currently free until May 31st and includes all of the following (online only) materials:

Child/Parent Handbook

Access to badge tracking software

All current badge requirements

All current award requirements

Monthly Newsletter

Access to the Quest forum

Printable certificates

Additional resources and links

I signed up for the free months to test it out with my kiddos and admittedly, I'm kind of excited to earn some badges myself. I'm thinking if we like it enough, we may just go ahead and purchase a membership after the free months are up. 


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