Make-Up Tips And Trends

Make-up is available in every color; from red lipstick to pink blusher, and black eyeshadows to high quality cheap orange nail varnishes, there are bound to be cheap beauty products you will like. But, with all of this choice how do you know what colors are right for you? 

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Preparation Is Key
Creating your own unique beauty look with makeup online can be done in any number of ways. However, before we discuss make-up, we recommend giving your skin the TLC it deserves. Treatment such as an acne deep cleansing facial comes highly recommended, and you should consider these on a regular basis if you have problem skin.

Create Envious Eyelids
When it comes to your eyelids, try matching your eyeshadow to your eye color. There are four basic eye color groups; blue, hazel, dark brown or black, and green. The color of the eyeshadow you choose should enhance your eye color. To enhance the intensity of blue eyes you should focus on wearing warm color beauty cosmetics. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from that will have the desired effect gold, bronze, orange, peach, pink and beige products all work well. 

Bolder color cosmetics such as plum, purple, crimson and copper are ideal for bringing out the best in green eyes. For hazel eyes make-up shades from grey-green to golden and light brown will bring out the depth of color and warmth. Hazel color eyes react well with combinations of color especially when a darker color is added to the inner eyelid and a lighter shade is used on the outer eyelid. If you have darker eyes, then you need to avoid pastel shades if you want to avoid your face looking washed out. Dark intense eyes need dark and intense eyeshadow. Deep plum and dark grey are great purchases for darker color eyes. Metallic colors also work well, but matte eye make-up should definitely be avoided. Combinations of a metallic and a dark color cheap cosmetics work very well for dark brown or black eyes.

Mix It Up
When working out your own makeup and beauty look, consider more than just eyeshadow. Mascara and eyeliner are just as important. Many makeup brands online offer a full range of colors from bright blue to luminous yellow. You can choose to match your mascara and eyeliner to your eyeshadow, or to go for something completely different. In fact, eyeliner and mascara can be used to create a look all on their own, especially if you use thicker tipped liquid liner products just above the lash line. 

Liquid liners are also great for creating flicks at the edges of the eye. This is because being liquid there is less resistance as they move against the skin of the face. Just remember to give the liner time to dry before adding any finishing touches.

Creating your look is also about getting the balance of color across your face right. Bold eye cosmetics and bold lip products can leave your face looking overly pale. When it comes to lip colors it is important to match them to your skin tones. Darker skin tones can carry off bold and bright colors, but if you have paler skin stick with lighter subtler shades. 


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