How to Feel Fit and Fabulous When You’re Pregnant

No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy journey, you’re going to get to a slow and sluggish stage at some point. Many women feel fabulous as soon as they fall pregnant and then the third trimester hits them like a tonne of bricks. This information isn’t meant to scare you; it’s mean to help you get prepared for your journey ahead. During your pregnancy, you are carrying another human life inside you, which puts a lot of pressure on your joints, organs and your general mood too! Here are some amazing ways to feel fit and fabulous, no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at right now.

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Amazing Accessories

When you get pregnant your clothes will start to get a little tight on you; it won’t be long before you’re branching out into the maternity section for some amazing finds. However, you might want to rethink your style before getting to this point. You can feel amazing simply by making a few accessory swaps. You might be wondering, where can i get pregnancy belly rings? This is a great example of adapting your usual accessories for something that is pregnancy friendly.

Dress to Impress

It is so important to invest in maternity clothes when you start to feel uncomfortable in your regular outfits. They are specifically designed to support your bump and you will feel so fabulous as soon as you start putting new ensembles together. Don’t hold back when it comes to purchasing maternity wear; it really will make you feel so much more comfortable.

Enjoy Gentle Movement

You may need to adapt some of your regular workout when you’re pregnant, but you don’t need to stop altogether. The most important thing is to work at your own pace and listen to your body. Don’t over exert yourself and make sure you’re always able to talk during your workouts, so you’re not too breathless.

Change Your Eating Habits

Your cravings and appetite are going to change so frequently whilst you’re pregnant. You might find towards the beginning of your pregnancy that you are turned off by certain foods, especially the smell. Similarly, towards the end of your pregnancy you may have a very small appetite and eating little and often is the way to go.

Rest When You Can

It is so important to rest as much as possible when you’re carrying a baby. If you want to feel fit and fabulous, this is definitely a vital component to consider. If you have other children, try and get your partner to help out as much as possible. This will give you some much needed rest when you need it.

Hopefully the ideas above will help you feel fit and fabulous throughout your pregnancy journey. You don’t need to stay in bed all day long in order to feel energized; a little bit of movement here and there will work wonders. Whether you’re dressing to impress or changing up your eating habits, you’re bound to find so many ways to feel fit and fabulous when you’re pregnant.


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