5 Healthy Snacks To Keep Your Kids Happy

Kids will always get hungry in between meals, and when they are hungry they tend to want chocolate, sweets and crisps! While a few treats in moderation are fine, it’s important to offer your kids healthy snacks the majority of the time. 

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The problem is most kids don’t love snacking on carrots and celery all that much! For a few healthy alternatives they’ll love, here come five simple ideas.

1 . Natural Yogurt

Yogurt makes the perfect snack for your little ones, it’s packed with both protein and calcium. Calcium is essential for kids' bones as they are growing while protein will help to boost their immune system. Natural yogurt is also full of live bacteria which helps to keep the digestive system healthy. You can add a little honey and fruit to natural yogurt to make it more appealing for your kiddies.

2 . Vegetable Chips 

Vegetable chips are a great healthier alternative to potato chips, whether you want carrot chips, beetroot or zucchini. If you like you can even try making your own vegetable chips at home. It’s easy to cook vegetable chips in the oven, you just need to ensure that you slice your veggies thin before you bake. There are plenty of great vegetable chip recipes to be found online.

3. Pretzels 

Soft pretzels are a delicious nutritional snack which contain vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and also fiber. These definitely will leave your kid feeling fuller for longer, (and less likely to ask for chocolate and crisps)! Order yourself a homemade wheelhouse soft pretzel to make snack time both nutritious and tasty! You might also like to have a try at making your own pretzels at home.

 4. Popcorn 

Popcorn is no longer solely considered a junk food, in fact there are plenty of brands selling low calorie popcorn without any added sugar at all! Plain popcorn contains zinc, calcium and iron all of which are essential to keep the body healthy. You can get popcorn in plenty of fun flavours for your kids including apple, cinnamon or chilli. Be sure to always supervise young kids when they are eating popcorn.

5. Oatmeal 
Last but certainly not least, oatmeal makes an awesome snack between meal times. Oats have a high fiber content which helps to increase the amount of good bacteria in the body. You can buy plain oats and then add a little cinnamon to jazz up the flavour. Apples and berries also go great with oats, and be sure to use milk as opposed to water for an extra boost of calcium.
To support your kids nutritional needs further, there are a few different apps available. One example is ‘Healthy Heroes 1 & 2: Nutrition for Kids.’ It’s a game based app which can help your children to recognize healthy foods. Perfect Picnic is another top app which can help children to learn about food safety and hygiene. To keep your kids healthy it’s helpful to engage them in a learning process about nutrition.


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