Top 5 Signs of Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss affects millions of people across the country. Broken up into three types – conductive (middle and outer ear), sensorineural (inner ear) and mixed (a combination of the two), it’s an issue that can completely transform your life if it’s not picked up early. 
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When you lose your hearing, it’s important to know what you should do. The first step that you should take is to visit the audiologist. They will test your hearing and guide you on the hearing aid fitting process if you need one (or two). 
However, before you get to that stage, it’s important to know exactly what the key signs of hearing loss are:
  1. You Feel As Though You’re Constantly Straining To Hear Someone Speak

Do you feel as though  you’re regularly straining to hear and follow a conversation? This can be incredibly fatiguing, both physically and mentally. If you’ve noticed that you’re starting to do this, make sure that you book in an appointment with a hearing specialist as soon as possible. 

They will identify the extent of your hearing loss and take you through the ways in which the frustration can be lessened. 
  1. You Have Difficulty Hearing Children’s and Women’s Voices

Typically, when you are suffering from hearing loss, you’ll have difficulty hearing higher pitched sounds. Children’s and women’s voices are commonly known for their high frequency and pitch; and because of this, many people find it difficult to follow conversations with them. This is one of the most prominent signs and something that you can notice early on.
  1. You Rely On Reading Lips 

Whether this is done consciously or subconsciously, it’s a notable sign of hearing loss. By reading lips, you’re able to accommodate your ailment. If you notice that you’re starting to squint your eyes and focus on lips or move closer to who’s talking/the object that’s making noise, then it’s time to visit your audiologist. 
  1. You’ve Started To Avoid Social Situations 

Have you started to avoid certain social situations? This is one of the most talked about signs of hearing loss. Whether this is because you find it difficult to hear particular voices in particular environments or you drop in and out of conversations as you frequently miss parts of them, it could result in you avoiding social situations. 

If this is starting to get to you, it’s essential that you take action and do something about it. The moment that you’re hearing has been assessed and you’re offered a solution, you can regain your confidence and will be able to be in those situations again.

  1. You Find It Hard To Focus in Loud Environments 

Following on from the above, another prominent sign is that you get confused or have difficulty focusing when you’re in loud environments. Whether this is in a restaurant, a mall, within meetings or in another type of situation, finding it difficult to understand speech is very aggravating. It’s not that you can’t necessarily hear the sound, you’re just struggling to understand exactly what’s being said. 


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