The Privacy Concerns of Mobile Apps

There’s no denying the importance of technology in today’s modern world; it helps us to stay in touch with loved ones, work more productively, and become the best versions of ourselves. And nowhere do we feel the rise of technology as much as with the rise of applications.

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There’s an app for more or less everything these days! And it can be a mutually beneficial relationship; the user gets access to something that can improve their life, and the app developer has the chance to make a healthy income. But as with most things related to technology, the rise of apps hasn’t all been positive. There have rightly been some security and privacy concerns among users, perhaps in part due to the many high-profile hacking instances and security breaches in recent years. While users are generally happy to relinquish a degree of privacy in order to get the best possible experience from the app, they’re not willing to give the app freedom to take things too far (and rightly so). A user might be happy for an app to know their location when it’s needed, but not if the app is just collecting their location for data purposes. And of course, it goes without saying that users do not want apps to collect any personal information, such as messages, photos, and phone call information. By taking these concerns on board, app developers can help to improve trust levels with their users. Learn more by taking a look at the infographic outlined below.

Infographic design by University of Alabama Birmingham University of Alabama Birmingham


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