Kids: A Pain In The... Back

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We all love our children, that’s not news. The love a mother has for her child cannot be replicated in any way. The pregnancy and changes to the body, as well as the rigors of labor and delivery, are only the beginning when it comes to a mothers’ love. The problem is that kids can be a pain - and they can cause it, too.

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Back pain is one of the most common complaints after pregnancy, and it’s even more of a problem after birth when you do suffer it. A baby distorts your organs and changes your posture, which pulls your spine forward and makes you stand at a weird angle. This pressure can lead to permanent pain, and sometimes, that pain takes more than a weed cookie recipe to help! With the growth of the uterus and the weight of the baby against the muscles and the womb, the child you’re about to chase around after already pulls your back. It’s not fun! The good news is that you can treat the back pain and make your life easier. Here are some suggestions:

  • Exercise
Okay, so we realize that working out is not going to be on your agenda, but once you have the clearance to work out from your doctor, you can start to ease back into it gently. There are stretches that you can do to help back pain, and you can start moving with just walking and sign up to a yoga class or two, as well. Pregnancy yoga can help to keep your muscles and your bones supple, which will help you to get through childbirth, too. Once you feel less like you’ve been hit by a truck, you can start exercising one more and relieve the pain you feel.
  • Lift Carefully
You may be blessed with a baby, but babies require a lot of picking up and putting down. When you go to lift your new baby, keep your back straight and use your legs to lift, not the back. Don't round your back, just bend the knees and use your arms to lift, too. Cots and changing tables should be at the right height so that you can change and move your baby without bending right over. Even when you breastfeed, you need to sit with good posture so that you don’t strain your muscles. The neck and upper back can be pulled easily while you feed, so sit appropriately with a pillow and make life easier.
  • Heating Pads
Sometimes, a good heating pad can make all the difference to your muscles. Heating pads and hot water bottles can make you feel warm and comfortable, and they prevent the muscles from seizing up.
  • Other Options
From weed to relax the muscles and pain gels, there are lots of alternatives out there to help you to get through your back pain. The critical thing is to talk with your doctor and see whether they can do anything more for you, and if the pain is moderate, ibuprofen should help.


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