Amazing Reasons To Be In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is something that can be magical. As a human being it is good to know that there is someone else out there who loves you for who you are. If you have always wanted to be in a relationship or you are in one now, we wanted to talk about the best reasons you should have a partner in crime this year. 

This is a collaborative post 

It’s good for your health

You may have heard couples joke about the fact that their partner will be the death of them, but actually this is the opposite of the truth. As a couple, you have higher happiness than others who are single and this means you also have a higher chance of living a longer life. So if you are thinking of benefits for your health, getting a partner is a good way to go!

See more opportunity

Having a partner can benefit our lives in a number of ways, and one of those is to see more opportunities in life. When we have someone motivating us and believing in us, we are much more likely to go for opportunities that would have passed us by otherwise. Being able to have your own personal cheerleader is something amazing and will push you to strive for greatness in every aspect of your life. 

Get through hard times together 

One of the best reasons to have a partner is the fact that you can help eachother through the hard times. Life can be incredibly stressful at times and we often face hurdles we don’t know how to overcome alone. Having someone’s hand to hold through the process can make it much easier to cope. Whether it’s getting through a job loss, going to couples alcohol rehab, or helping through bereavement… having a partner is a gift. 

You’ll become more social 

As amazing as it is to stay at home together and be lazy, having a partner makes you more likely to socialise. The reason for this is that often you will both have friendship groups to catch up with and often you will want to catch up with them as a couple. You’ll attend meals, parties, and maybe even a weekend away or two. It can be amazing to socialise with new people and you can do it all together. 

They know you better than anyone 

How amazing is it to know that there is someone in the world who knows you better than anyone else? Having a person who knows every little thing about you feels good, and when you know the same about them it makes you feel fearless. 

Make you a better person 

If you have ever heard a wedding speech you’ll have likely heard someone saying that their partner makes them better. This is true. When you have a partner in your life, the decisions you make will largely revolve around whay will make them happy and proud. Plus, if you are going down a bad path your partner will be able to snap you out of it and ensure you steer back to the good side. We help eachother to learn and grow as human beings and it makes a huge difference. 

You’ll be more productive 

Procrastination is all too easy when you are sat alone with no one to hold you accountable for your actions. But when there is another person spurring you on, you are much more likely to get things done. If you have a big job to do or household chores, it can be great having an extra pair of hands chipping in and making life easier. And if you have a deadline approaching, your partner can provide you with the motivation you need to get the job done. 

You’ll learn to let things go 

As we grow up and go through school, it is far too easy for us to be hung up on the little things. For instance if you had a fight with someone a year ago, you likely still hold a grudge now, and this is how we naturally grow up. But when you begin a relationship you will soon learn that there is no grudge worth holding. When you fight with your partner you might hold a grudge for a little while, but after a couple of hours you’ll want to be back in their arms and get back to normal. Being in a relationship teaches us to let the little things go and not make a mountain out of a molehill. 


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