Poverty Is Now Much Lower Than It Ever Was, And That's Great News For Wellness

The news media loves to talk about the negatives in our world but rarely does it focus on the good things that have happened. For this reason, we get a skewed picture of reality. The majority of people think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, but when you look at the data, you see that the opposite is true. Take poverty in the US, for example. 

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The poverty rate after WWII was more than 27.3 percent. In other words, nearly a third of all people in the “richest country in the world” didn’t have enough money to meet their basic needs. They were on the breadline. Over the years, however, a range of government policies and market innovations created the economy that we have today, one in which only 21.1 percent of people are below the poverty line. As the following infographic shows, the actual rate of poverty might be even lower than that in reality, when you take into account income receives in the form of food stamps and other forms of government assistance. These additions aren’t included in the official poverty estimates. For people interested in wellness, this is excellent news. With fewer people in poverty across the country, more people can enjoy their lives without having to worry so much about going into debt and paying healthcare bills. Are you interested in poverty and why it has gone down so much over the last seventy years or so? Take a look at the following facts and stats in the infographic below.
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