Giving Your Kids Body Confidence

If there’s one thing that kids struggle with a lot these days, it’s body confidence. This is usually because they are bombarded with negative messages on the TV and social media, and they end up comparing themselves to other people. You can actually help to give your kids body confidence - and it might not be in the way you expect. Read on for some suggestions:

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Don’t Talk About Their Body
Mentioning your child’s body in an effort to ‘shame’ them into losing weight will only upset them. Even if you give them a compliment, you could be teaching them that their body/the way they look is all that matters. You should never tell your child they look slim/fat or comment on their weight or body type at all. A much better thing to say is that they look happy, or something similar. 

Don’t Talk About Your Body 
The way you talk about your own body teaches them how to think and feel about their own. Apply the same rules to yourself. 

Make Sure They Know Their Body is Theirs 
If you’re tickling your child and they say stop, then stop. Teach your child that their body is theirs and that they are the boss of it. 

Help Them Make Healthy Decisions 
Help your child to make healthy decisions by teaching them about the benefits of various foods, and of a balanced diet. The infographic below will give you a good idea of what to avoid:

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