Awesome Workouts For Busy Parents Who Hate The Gym

Hey, where did January go? It seems like just yesterday we were all making grand promises to ourselves about ditching the festive weight and sweating our way to becoming the best versions of ourselves. Of course, we often make the same grand plans year in and year out and get profoundly frustrated by the time mid February rolls around. 

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We might do well when it comes to eating healthily, keeping more of an eye on our calories and macronutrients and avoiding sugary processed foods, exercise is often a pain point. Especially for busy parents who don’t have the luxury of stopping off at the gym on the way home from work or going for a run in the morning instead of making the little one’s breakfasts.

Even when we have the opportunity to visit the gym, many of us would rather be anywhere else. We might feel self conscious about working out so close to others. We may hate the constant battle for a parking space… or we may simply find the gym and everything in it boring. Still, that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be body confident. Nor should it mean that you have to risk endangering your health with a sedentary lifestyle.

Here are some amazing workouts for busy parents who hate the gym...

Join a dance class

Even with some thumping music or a good audiobook plugged into your ears, working out on a treadmill or elliptical machine can be painfully dull. Fortunately, there’s another great way to get an all over cardiovascular workout while also having fun and making new friends. Try looking for a dance teacher near you and ask them what classes they recommend for general fitness. Street dance, zumba and salsa are all great forms of exercise, helping you to improve your respiratory fitness, strength and flexibility.

Boxing and martial arts

Not only are boxing and martial arts excellent full body workouts, they’re also amazing for stress relief. They can also work wonders for empowerment, confidence and discipline. Not just for you, but for the whole family. Many families choose to don the karate gi or tae kwon do dobuk together, as a way to get into shape together. Martial arts are also amazing for kids, helping them to stay disciplines in school while also teaching them the importance of confidence and respect. 


A 40 minute brisk walk can burn over 140 calories. It’s also a great way of exploring the cool sights that have always been on your doorstep waiting to be explored. Whether you take the kids for a long walk in the park or simply take the dog for an extra long stroll around your neighborhood, walking is a really great way to burn calories while also helping to relax and centre the mind. Listen to a podcast or audiobook if you’re worried that you might get bored. 

Who says exercise needs to be a chore? Stick with one or more of the above and you’ll be able to stay in shape without the frustrations of the gym. 


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