Why Perfect Skin Routine Doesn't Solve Your Problems

How many skincare products do you own?
The average skin-conscious person uses up to 10 different creams, lotions, gels and serums as part of their daily routine. From keeping your skin hydrated to ensuring you can cleanse your pores in-depth, the typical routine demands time and dedication. Therefore, it can be frustrating when, despite your best efforts, you fail to notice any improvement.

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Outbreaks can happen from time to time, as a reaction to something you’ve eaten, for instance. Similarly, fine lines can be the result of intense sun exposure – and will resorb as soon as your skin regain its natural moisture. But what happens when outbreaks, dull complexion and fine lines become a regular occurrence? More often than not, when your skincare routine isn’t enough to achieve your dream results, you need to look for a solution elsewhere.

You’ve got too much on your mind

Your skin is the largest external organ in your body. It reacts not only to your physical health, such as appearing dull when you’re feeling nauseous, but also to your mental health. Therefore, if you’re struggling with high stress, your skin is likely to carry the signs of your discomfort. Tightness, outbreaks, and premature wrinkles are some of the most common reactions. The quickest way to regain your complexion is to manage the issue directly, whether by surrounding yourself with professional advisers such as personal injury lawyers to discuss compensation for an accident, or by putting an end to an unpleasant situation with a resignation letter to quit your hectic job. You need to free up your mind to clear your skin.

You can’t reverse your age

There’s only so much you can do to maintain your youthful look. It is, unfortunately, written in your lifestyle and your genes. Some people are blessed with perfect genes and can maintain their appearance for longer. Others struggle with premature loss of elasticity. While anti-aging products can help, they can’t solve the issue. If you want sharp contours, you might need to consider dedicated treatment. Facelift surgeries have become a popular response to the aging process. You can also find non-invasive laser treatment to tighten your skin cells.

Your heating is too high

It’s almost winter. Most households have already turned the heat on. Unfortunately, your heating system might be drying out the indoor air inside your home. Ideally, your indoor air needs to contain between 30% and 50% moisture. When the moisture levels fall low – aka below 30% – it dries out your skin. As a result, your face appears less plump. You might notice thin lines in the most fragile areas. The simplest solution is to invest in an indoor air sensor to track the humidity and add an air humidifier in the lounge.

You don’t help your body

Your body produces collagen naturally. This is used not only to maintain your skin tightness but also as part of your immune defenses. However, as you grow older, your body struggles to maintain high production levels. You can find ways to boost it naturally. Exercising is a natural rejuvenator. Resistance and endurance workouts can take years off your face!

Your skincare products can only go so far. You also need to find ways to help your body helps with high-stress levels, dryness, age and natural bodily functions. Keeping your face smooth and clean needs more than a trip to your local Sephora. It’s a labor of love of every day!


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