How Life Changes When Your Child Has Braces

We all have to go through it when we’re young. Braces are annoying, painful and they don’t look that appealing. But, if we want our children to have great looking teeth and a brilliant smile, we have to fix them for it when they’re young.

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There’s no use putting braces on when they’re teenagers because their teeth have already begun to set. Starting your children off early is the best way to give their teeth a head start. It will also be less painful for them when they are in their teens and about to enter adulthood. Their life will change for the duration of the braces but here’s how parents can help their children live as normal a life as possible.

Softer foods

It's highly recommended that you keep hard, crunchy and chewy foods away from children when they have braces. The trouble is, food that is chewy will get stuck in their braces and it will be difficult to get it out. Other ways you can keep your kids comfortable with braces is to avoid hard foods like apples, nuts, cereals, bars and things like tacos. The point is to not put pressure on their teeth and gums while they have braces. Their teeth are already moving and more pressure is going to agitate the nerves in their gums, making it painful to chew and bite. The softer the food the better.

Brushing and pain relief

Brushing is going to become a bit of a hassle for your children but there are ways to get around this. Do not brush over the braces as they will dislodge them or move your teeth in an otherwise incorrect way. It's best for your children to brush lightly around the edges of their teeth, mainly just the tips. They should also brush their gums gently so any food stuck up high can be pushed down and ready to be rinsed out. Brushing gums when you have braces is also a great pain relief as well because usually, the gums are raw and sore after a few weeks of braces. Rather than flossing, children should be given warm water mixed with mouthwash so the food between the teeth and braces can be gargled and spat out.

Self-conscious image

It's common for children to not like how they look with their braces. They might think they look a bit geeky or weird, but you must explain to them that braces don’t have to define their image. They shouldn’t pay attention to kids that are making fun of them for wearing braces. Remind them that they’re wearing braces to give them a beautiful smile one day and not to please anyone in their school. Confidence is a big issue for some teenagers, so giving them the option of wearing clear braces is highly recommended.

Braces are only temporary but the few months that you’re wearing them can seem like an eternity. Mold your life around your children’s sensitive teeth and gums by giving them softer food at breakfast, for their lunch and dinner.


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