Fall Outfit: A Little Country, A Little Urban

It's not quite winter yet but already, you’re probably wrapping up warm. Many people believe that it's the brighter seasons that hold the candle for the best time for new fashion. Well, they may need to rethink that position because autumn is perhaps more fashion friendly.

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Many women are not comfortable showing off some skin. During the summer and spring, the fashion revolves around ‘less is more’. But in autumn there’s much more freedom to choose how you want to dress. One thing we do know, autumn fashion for this year has changed. It used to be mainly influenced by country styles, but now the urban chic chicks possess much more influence than before. It's urban but it's also country, autumn fashion this year has a little in it for both types of people.

No ifs, no buts

The last day of summer is the last day of the year you’ll have your legs bare. When the falls come around, everyone wants to wear jeans. But autumn jeans are not supposed to be interchangeable with the summer or spring. There are no ifs or buts with this kind of style, so they have to be dark blue. They must also be traditional denim. They can’t be skinny, but they can be slim. The material is going to be thicker but that doesn’t mean it will be loose. Wearing a rose gold belt buckle is going to soften the color and the overall style. The classic country girl image is that of a lass in navy blue in calf-high boots, wearing a plaid shirt.

No more heels

This time of year, the heavens open up quite regularly. You don’t want to be wearing heels in the rain. You also don’t want to be wearing heels while walking on a pavement covered in wet leaves. The only way to go for fall fashion is the kind of boots you see on widewidths.com. They’re the classic earth tone brown going up to your knees and fitting snugly. They have different styles that would please both the urban city woman and the rustic country girl. The heel isn’t tall, but the sole of the boots is heavy-duty enough to stop your feet from slipping under wet concrete. Straps or no straps, belt or not belts, you have plenty of style choice.

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Not quite overcoat time

Although the temperature will be dropping, it's not quite time to take the big coat out of your wardrobe just yet. You still have time to wear a fashionable leather jacket. Leather is insulating but not too much. It's practical in autumn as it's also waterproof. Don’t get it in black, but get a leather jacket in tan. It's country but it's also just urban enough to pass. Black jackets are too dark to be considered autumn fashion. But if your jacket looks more ‘woodland’ then it will complete your fall outfit.

Most styles will eventually be sucked into the urban vortex and the autumn country style is no different. The dark blue denim jeans, knee-high boots, and leather jacket are all part of the classic fall fashion statement.


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