A Vegan Lifestyle Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

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Veganism. A word we often hear floating around social media and the pressure to feel the need to conform or at the very least, learn to understand why veganism is becoming so prevalent and what the benefits of it actually are. In short form, veganism is a lifestyle choice, it doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time to realize exactly where the animal products are coming from. 

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It doesn't just happen to be food as we may think, it comes from clothing, handbags, furniture, makeup and much more. Learning to adopt this new lifestyle doesn’t have to come all at once, but there are ways to incorporate it into your life and feel the benefits, both physically and emotionally. Helping animals and the planet is a huge bonus for helping veganism!

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Look at your foods. Dairy can assist humans with their vitamin D intake and calcium; however there are plenty of alternatives that are just as good and cruelty free. Any alternative milk carries plenty of calcium and vitamin D and in the long term is better for your skin. Cutting out dairy may not be the easiest, especially if you’re an avid cheese lover, but switching up your milk, cutting out yogurt and looking for alternatives in restaurants will help you initially on your journey. Cutting out meat and doing meatless Mondays can be great but looking at grains, vegan pasta, tofu and vegetarian sausages can be brilliant ways to still feel like you’re eating meat and animal products.

Check your makeup. Look at the makeup you’re using, is it cruelty free? Lots of brands still are not cruelty free and it’s so important to find more vegan makeup at Dose of Colors without having to worry that your makeup is being tested on animals. The same goes for your skincare; lots of moisturizers, soaps and even bath products aren’t cruelty free so be sure to check the packaging or ask to store manager if their brand is cruelty free. It takes a little more effort but is so simple and you’ll find more and more brands worldwide are becoming much more receptive to the idea of going green!

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You are probably wearing an animal right now! It sounds scary and unbelievable but often animal skins are used in clothing. For example, your jeans may have leather logos or labels; the zipper pulls on your trousers are usually made from animals also. Your leather jacket (if it isn’t faux) is made from cowhide, your warm wool and cashmere jumpers are made from sheep, your feather details on your favorite evening dress will be plucked from birds or other winged animals and the most disturbing is possibly animal glue. This is a type of gloopy glue used in manufacturing clothing and it is made up of animals connective tissues and collagen from skin and bones and used as bonding agents. To avoid all this, look at ethically sustained brands that make beautiful cruelty free clothing that still has all the benefits (warmth, cosines, style!).


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