Travel Hot Spot: Baltimore National Aquarium

Baltimore's Inner Harbor offers an impressive amount of things to see and do as well as places to eat. One of the major must-see attractions is the National Aquarium, which I got to check out for the first time while I was in Baltimore for Comic Con.

Simply Nerdy Mom was hosted by The National Aquarium and received press passes for full coverage. 

This year was my third year visiting Baltimore and I kind of fall in love with the Inner Harbor and all it's beauty and fun things to do more and more as I visit each year. This year I was able to check out The National Aquarium, which is impressive as it is if you see it from the outside, but I'm telling you, it's even more amazing to walk through. 

Initially I thought it would just be a bunch of different fish and that it would be a quick trip through. You know, something to pass about a half hour or so. I was wrong. There's so much to see, and not limited to fish and aquatic life as they have a Rainforest section with other animals as well. I think I easily spent two hours seeing everything and I probably could have spent all day there because I kind of didn't want to leave. I loved it that much. 

There is a massive amount of information to read and riding the escalators is amazing, because they have screens with beautiful images above you and around you lighting up your way. The shark tank area was jaw dropping. I have never been that close to a shark before and to be able to stand right next to the glass as one swam up to it was quite an experience. As a matter of fact, you can get up close and persona with a lot of the aquatic life and other animals. There's even a room where you can touch a jelly fish and horseshoe crabs! There's an entire jelly fish room, a dolphin discovery, as well as an Australian wildlife exhibit. The seating areas where you can just chill for a while are so beautiful. The cafe offers a nice variety of food and beverages and you get to sit under a stunning jelly fish display that hangs from the ceiling. And don't forget to visit the gift shop before you leave and pick up some fun souvenirs before you head out. 

If you still aren't convinced at the amazingness of this place, check out my highlight video. 

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