Make Kawaii Gifts with Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii Way

Whether you craft as a hobby or as a way to make some extra money or gift options, you are going to love Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii Way. 

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This fun, adorable step by step book is great for any age and skill level. They start you off with simple projects and you work up to bigger, more advanced ones. Check out all the various things you can learn to make in the photo above! 

These are just a few of my favorites you learn to make in the book. Initially you just start with little figures that can be turned into jewelry or just displayed as it. However, there are other really cute items to make like the cactus pin holder, and mountain tea light holder. 

My absolute favorite project in the entire book is the very last one, which is an absolute adorable penguin tic-tac-toe board! My daughter and I are both new to kawaii polymer clay creations, but as a long time artist I have worked with clay a few times to make mugs and planters. We're really looking forward to making a lot of things in this book for my daughter to gift to her friends for Christmas and birthdays, and my kids can't wait to make the penguin tic-tac-toe! 

Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii Way will be available November 19, 2019. However, you can preorder on Amazon right now! 

This is a 2019 Holiday Gift Guide featured product! 


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