3 Ways To Save Money On Your Walt Disney World Trip

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We all love a trip to Walt Disney World, right? For many of us, it is the ultimate family vacation, the only problem is that it can be quite an expensive break. With accommodation, park tickets, food, transport and more, the costs do soon pile up. But do not give up on those Disney dreams just yet as today we want to share with you 3 ways to save money on your Walt Disney World trip.

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Save on your clothing

Of course you can just wear whatever clothes you already have, pack them up and get on with enjoying your vacation. If you choose to do that, then this one is easy for you! However, lots of people like to dress up in Disney clothes for their Disney World trip, so there are a few points to bear in mind here.

It is worth buying your clothing ahead of your trip so that you have everything that you need to hand. If you plan to buy whilst you are there, then we would recommend buying outside of the parks to get the best deals. There are plenty of stores lining International Drive, and all of the supermarkets stock Disney clothing too. There are also Disney’s Character Warehouses at the nearby outlets that sell genuine Disney articles at a reduced price.

If you are going over Christmas it will get cold, especially on those evenings when you are standing around waiting for the fireworks to start. Whilst it might seem like a good way to save money, do avoid buying imitation coats as fake outdoor apparel simply does not have the technology to keep you warm that the real brands do.

Save on your food

There are free dining offers available during certain times of the year that mean that if you stay at a Disney World resort you could qualify for free food. This can make staying onsite an attractive proposition, especially when you consider it alongside all other Disney World resort benefits.

The type of dining plan that you receive will depend on the resort that you are booked into, from Value through to Deluxe stays. You should find that as long as you have the Quick Service Dining Plan or above that your family will have enough food for their stay and your food expenses are all covered through the free dining plan. You will just have to budget for tips if you opt for table service meals.

If the idea of staying onsite does not appeal to you, then it is worth signing up for coupons and offers, including the Landry card, to enjoy eating out whilst you are there. You should also remember that all of the Disney parks do allow you to take your own food in, so you can make packed lunches for your park days and avoid the costs of eating in the parks.

Save by being prepared

You can save a lot of money by being prepared and planning ahead.

There are plenty of things that will be cheaper if you buy them in advance of your trip. For example, the tickets themselves as gate prices are always higher than the offers that you can find online.
You can then buy items such as autograph books, lanyards and pins, ponchos and guide books at much lower prices outside of Disney World, so you can simply take them with you and you are all set.


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