September AdoreBox Reveal

My second AdoreBox arrived and so far we are two for two. I really enjoy receiving new items to try out and fall in love with and this month has some pretty great items in it. 

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This month's box featured a variety of beauty products, not just makeup, but a few other items as well. The fact that it's not actually a "box" but more of an envelope kind of throws me off every month, but this type of packing makes much more sense than a box. Not only is it probably cheaper (making the subscription cheaper for you), but it takes up less room in the mailbox. And if you are someone who gets a lot of packages like I do, that's definitely a plus. Seriously, you should see me trying to haul everything in the house most days. 

At any rate, the September box included:

  • Crown Brush: Pro Blush Brush - $12.00
  • Beaute Basics: Foiled Eyeshadow Single - $8.00
  • Romantic Beauty Mascara - $5.99
  • Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask - $2.99
  • Sally Hansen 3D Design - $7.99
  • Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm - $18.75
Box contents total: $55.72
Month-to-month subscription price: $15.00

The Beaute Basics shadow is a peachy pink shimmer and is great not just for shadow, but blush and I have even used it a bit the last few days over a lipstick base in the center of my bottom lip with gloss over it. This gives more of a highlight or ombre lip look and I really like it. I honestly don't really need anymore brushes, so I threw that in my giveaway box. This also goes for the foot balm. I don't wear heels except boots with chunky heels and I don't tend to wear them for long periods of time so I've never really had any problems. The mascara is great! It went on my lashes smooth with zero clumps. I'm still kind of undecided about the sheet mask and the nail designs, though. However, I love the variety that comes in these packages and I really look forward to seeing what comes next month! 

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