Kids Night In Box: Nutrition Explorers

I'm pretty big on healthy living myself and I think it's really important for my kiddos to see me stay active and eat healthy, nutritious meals. They are already pretty active in planting, growing, and harvesting our garden which I've found has actually got them to eat more veggies. So we were pretty excited about the latest Kids Night In Box. 

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This box was full of goodies to help your kiddos learn more about nutrition and how it's important for brain and body development. 

I love that they include books in the boxes to help with the overall message of the box. We are also pretty big readers so this is important to us. We read the book Good Enough To Eat: A Kid's Guide to Food and Nutrition while my son snacked on Veggie Straws (which we already love). 

One of the projects (that we didn't get to), was to use two toilet paper rolls (or a cut paper towel roll) and the included materials to make cool binoculars for the kiddos to "search" their home for foods that fit each category.  

My son really loved learning about the food pyramid. After we learned about how many servings of each are recommended, he got to use the included stickers and plate page to show what foods he would eat and how many servings he would put on his plate. 

There was a coloring activity with a rainbow and oil pastels. We talked about how it's important to eat a variety of colors in foods, and while he colored, I had him tell me what foods were each color. 

Something we thought was pretty fun was incorporating the included fidget spinner and a physical activity chart for a fun game. We spun the spinner to find out what physical activity we were to do, and then spun again to find out how many. 

I think my favorite thing in this box was the nutrition diary. I keep one on my phone, but this one is much cuter and my son has enjoyed filling it out. I really love the section for trying new foods! 


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