Dealing With Rain On Your Wedding Day

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Everyone hopes for clear skies on their wedding day. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Even in the peak of summer it can occasionally rain. Here are just a few ways in which you can prepare for the rain and not let it ruin your day.

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Choose the right venue

Choosing an indoor venue for your wedding could be a safe option for sheltering yourself against bad weather. Alternatively, you could consider a venue with the option of indoor and outdoor space – this could allow you to carry out an outdoor wedding with the backup option of going indoors if it rains. Farm venues such as Mint Springs Farm could be a good option, as could stately homes with large grounds. A beach or forest in which there are no nearby buildings could be more of a risk.

Choose the right transport

You may want to careful when organizing an open-top car or an open-top carriage to take you to your venue. If you do look into these transport options, ask whether they have contingency plans in case of rain – most open top vehicles and carriages will be easily convertible allowing the roof to be put up the moment it starts raining. This will ensure that you don’t get drenched on your way to the ceremony.

Hire a tent

In the case of outdoor weddings, putting up a large tent such as a marquee or gazebo could be a good idea for offering shelter from the elements. It could be particularly useful for sheltering food such as the cake. There are many companies that specialize in hiring out these tents such as County Marquees. Some marquees can be very large, allowing lots of guests to sit underneath if you decide to host the ceremony or the meal here.

Supply some umbrellas

It could be worth buying a few umbrellas for you and your guests. This could help to keep you and your guests dry. You can buy cheap umbrellas in bulk online. Even if you’re planning an indoor wedding, supplying a few umbrellas could be useful for sheltering people as they smoke.

Embrace the rain

Whilst it’s natural to be disappointed with rain on your wedding day, you shouldn’t let it make you feel down. Rain can still be a thing of beauty – a decent wedding photographer will often still be able to get stylish photographs outside (in fact, there are lots of romantic and fun poses that can be done using an umbrella). Try to laugh it off and focus on the rest of the day.


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