Creative Haven: Christmas Color by Number

Coloring books have been popular again for quite a few years. Were they ever really not popular, though? Coloring helps you relax a bit and relieve stress. Autumn and Winter are the best times to sit down with a coloring book and a hot beverage, and Creative Haven Christmas Color by Number is going to be your go-to book for a little Winter R&R. 

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One of the best parts about color by number books is that if you think you aren't really that creative with color, there's no need to worry because the color suggestions are right there for you. Of course, you can choose to color them however you like as well. 

This book has a color key at the beginning, which I think would have been better as a fold out addition to the cover rather than printed on the inside that way you could refer back to it for color reference much easier assuming you choose to leave the page in the book while you color. You can pull the page out, but I personally like to leave them in the book. I do like how they show the finished pages in the front and back of the book so you can roughly see what your finished photo will look like. 

The pictures are very detailed and my personal suggestion for coloring these would be sharp pencils. You could use gel pens, but I like the blend of the pencils that you can't get with pens. Markers, even thin tipped ones, can also be used but be advised that there are some super tiny spots and precision may be better achieved with the pencils. 

There are some really great tips for more professional looking coloring pages which I found pretty great, especially if you are a beginner at color by number.  


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