Creative Corner: Adorable Mini Grocery Store Kit from Klutz

Klutz has an incredible line of amazing products for creatives of all ages. One of my favorites is the new Mini Grocery Store kit to create 20 adorable clay foods to display and/or play with.

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It doesn't matter if you are young in age, or just young at heart, you have to admit that the adorable food character minis are hard to pass up. I haven't worked with clay in a long time, but I thought this would be something fun for my daughter and I do and have fun with together. The kit comes with 8 colors of air-dry clay (no baking, so it's safe for kids to do alone), glaze to seal your creations, tools, accessories, and forms for the carton and jar figures. 

The instructions are incredible simple to follow.

Here are some of my favorite cutie foodies that you can make with this kit:

These are fun for doll food, playing store, or to just display. I'm sure some of these could even be made into magnets if you get heavy duty magnets to put on the back and even more adorable as keychains or necklaces by adding those elements to the clay before it dries. The finished projects make great gifts, or gift the entire kit to your favorite creative! I know my daughter and I are going to have so much fun with these and I plan to pick up even more clay and other elements so we can make more. 

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Klutz is a 2019 featured Gift Guide brand. 


  1. I have been wanting to try making something with clay. I bought some ready made clay and tried with that, but it was not easy to work with and I didn't suceed!


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