Back to the Roots Ready to Grow Kits

Do you like home grown herbs and veggies, but have no space to grow them? Did you know you can easily and effectively grow these fresh and delicious herbs and veggies inside your home any time of the year? You can!

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For the last couple years, I have been teaching the kiddos how to plant, grow, and harvest their own food. We have a fruit and veggie garden as well as a small area near our back deck where we have a few herbs growing. We love the fresh items that we can just go out the back deck and grab anytime we want them. The thing is, sometimes it's raining and I really don't want to go out in the rain to clip some fresh herbs. Aside from that, we only get fresh herbs during the spring and part of the summer. For this reason, I really love the idea of growing herbs in the house during any time of the year. 

Back to the Roots offers ready to grow kits that make having fresh herbs so simple and fun. These  kits feature the garden-in-a-can, which means you can harvest these straight from the cans that take up very little space (perfect for apartments).

All of their kits are made to grow on windowsills or take up very little space on counter tops, including a cute little water garden that is a self cleaning fish tank that allows you to grow herbs and microgreens on top. 

If you need to replant, they also offer refills, accessories, and seeds to keep you going. 

I love these in general, but I think these make such great gifts for anyone from college students to the elderly. And to be honest, kiddos love to plant and watch things grow as well. I think it's a great learning experience for them. It's important for children to know where their food comes from, how it grows, the work that goes into it (including harvesting, canning, freezing, drying, and meal prep), and the rewards of growing your own herbs and vegetables.

Back to the Roots is a 2019 featured Gift Guide brand. 


  1. You are so right!! Kids do need to know where food comes from and how much work goes into making it. How hard farmers work to get this fresh good food to our tables! Maybe they wouldn’t take it for granted!


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