TinkerActive Math and Science Activity Books

If you are looking for a creative and fun way to supplement your child's school curriculum at home, you should check out TinkerActive Workbooks. 

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My son loves to learn. So does my daughter, for that matter, but now that she's a teenager, that's a whole different story. My son, however, has always spent more time looking up educational videos and games rather than watching tv and playing Roblox or Fortnite type things. He's done so well in school, that at the end of last school year, they tested him for the gifted program and he aced the entire test. I like to credit this to the fact that I've always tried to make learning fun for my kiddos. I have always loved learning and still strive to learn new things. that being said, I am over the moon impressed with TinkerActive Workbooks! 

Not only are this line of workbooks fun and educational, they are the cutest illustrations and a ton of hands on learning activities rather than just a whole book of written lessons. 

I always talk about how great it is that certain companies make educational products that can be used at home to supplement public school curriculum, but also be used for those kiddos that follow a homeschool curriculum. I've always wanted to homeschool, but we don't have a dedicated space for it, and that may possibly be why I am one of those moms who finds literally every opportunity to throw in some learning in our everyday lives, all year long and weekends, too. 

TinkerActive books have the usual written activities lead on page by fun illustrated characters, but you will have the opportunity to Tinker, Make, and Engineer, not just in the science workbook, but the math and English books as well. They really incorporated STEM learning through every aspect. 

There is an answer key in the back, and of course, you are free to remove it if you prefer your child to do independent work without the temptation to peek at the answers. 

In addition, there are stickers provided for certain pages as well as project tracker stickers. These are applied to the poster after completion of each hands on project. It's a visual rewards chart that is really beneficial to getting children excited about learning and making them feel good about their accomplishments. 

Once your child has completed the book, there is a little punch out reward, which ends up being a really nice magnet that can be used to hang their artwork or favorite workbook pages that they are particularly proud of on the fridge. It's another visual that aids in your child's confidence. Trust me, they will be proudly showing off their badge to anyone who visits. 

TinkerActive Workbooks are available for grades K - 2 in math, science, and English Language Arts (available later this year). 
You can order TinkerActive Workbooks on Amazon and where ever books are sold

TinerActive is a 2019 featured Gift Guide brand. 


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