STEM at Play: Snap Circuits Power Set

STEM at Play kits will have your child having fun, while also learning how the world around them works. Whether you are looking for a fun family project at home or a hands on demonstration for in the classroom, STEM at Play Lab Kits have everything you need. 

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The STEM at Play Power Electricity Kit has what you need to make 19 different circuit experiments that you can built, play, then take apart and build again and again. You do need to pick up batteries, and will need simple at home items such as tap water, coins, plastic utensils, napkins, a nail, salt, pen, markers, scissors, paper cup, and tape. The set is recommended for grades 3-12 (Ages 8+). 

With this kit, you will explore what materials will conduct electricity, communication through Morse Code, make Sparky the Robot light up, and so much more. You get a pretty comprehensive guide with the set that not only gives detailed instructions on each build, but you will also get a lot of really interesting information on the world of electricity and careers in that field as well. It's easy and safe and made specifically for experimental play at home - inspiring creativity and critical thinking skills. 

I especially loved the "Bright moments in History" part in the booklet. There's a lot of information in there. My son is 7 and he does need a little help building, but he loves playing around and learning how electricity and circuits work. 

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