Once Again Amore Spread: Almond w/ Cocoa & Milk

Once Again Amore Spread Almond with Cocoa & Milk is the organic, delicious spread that the entire family is going to love. 

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We discovered Once Again spreads last year and have been a huge fan of the brand ever since. I am a big lover of their Hazelnut spread, but we finally got to try out the Almond with Cocoa & Milk and oh holy night is it delicious!

Not only did we get to try out the almond chocolate spread, but they sent us an entire lunchbox full of little sampler jars of basically their entire line of nut spreads! I'm the type of mom who can be found in the kitchen at 2am with a spoon and a peanut butter jar, so this was right up my alley for sure. I put nut butters and spread on and in just about everything because it's great as added protein, but even better because these are loaded with sugar and gross preservatives. 

My son loves the almond with cocoa & milk on everything from waffles to graham crackers. He just dips it right in the jar. What can I say? He's definitely a chip off the old block. I love to put this spread in my coffee. YES, I'm serious! A little spoonful of the Once Again Amore Spread Almond with Cocoa & Milk in your morning coffee can take it from your average "wake up and go" to a delicious treat. It can be a dip or a spread, and the possibilities are endless. 

You can visit https://onceagainnutbutter.com for more information on the brand, a list of products, as well as delicious recipes. 


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