Kids Night In Box: Rise Up!

I'ts back-to-school time, and Kids Night In Boxes took the perfect opportunity to use this month's box as a way to remind all kiddos that it's important to be kind, and "rise up" against bullying.

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This month's box focuses on reminding kids about bullying. I'm pretty adamant on reminding my kids of this all the time because I was bullied in school and even as an adult. I am constantly telling both of my kiddos (who are now 7 and almost 13) that you do not have to be friends with everyone, but it's still important to be kind to everyone. I also like to teach them that if they see something, say something. And that's the focus on this Kids Night In Box. 

You start off this month reading the book How to Deal With Bullies Superhero Style, which is what the entirety of the box is modeled around. 

"When Zach sees others being teased or bullied, he imagines himself a superhero and comes to the rescue. With powerful words, "No teasing, No hitting! That's just wrong!" Zach helps his friends learn to use words for good and not to fight back or say mean things; since bullies like that. Now the friends are empowered to defend themselves just like their Superhero friend Zach."

One of the activities in the book was a color by number page. There was a side that was your typical color by number for the younger kiddos, and the opposite side for the older kiddos had match problems to solve in order to get the number you need to know what color to use. My 7 year old did both sides. He was pretty proud of himself for doing with multiplication and division side with very minimal help.

We also went over things that make you a bully vs. a buddy. For this, he read the situation text and would circle the smiley face if that situation was being a buddy, or the frown face if that situation was being a bully. There was a second side for older kids with pretty much the same concept, except your kid was prompted to write situations. There were also questions in the newsletter booklet that came with the box. These questions prompts you to ask your child what their definition of being a bully is, if they have ever witnessed bullying, and what they would do or have done to help the person being bullied. I was surprised when my son said he hasn't witnessed anyone being bullied. That's a good thing, but I did remind him that if he does ever witness it, that it's okay (important, even) to tell someone. 

My son's favorite project in this box was making himself into a superhero. The cape, blank ID badge and holder, and mask kit all came in the box. They even provided markers to design his badge. The mask kits were very simple and my son was able to do this by himself. I did have to attach the elastic band to it, but other than that, he did a great job on his own. He drew himself in his superhero costume and named himself "Froze Dane" (Yes, he put a "B" instead of "D" but insisted that it was supposed to be a "D"). He told me his super power was Ice - to freeze out bullying. 

This was a great box this month!

Sneak a peek at next month's Kids Night In Box:


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